I know I’m late but…

Yaw yaw homies I know it’s been a long time I didn’t post anything on our dope blog but actually I’m not able to go on the world wide web, hope issue will be fixed very soon!
Anyway, I would like to share some new stuff today, a little bit late but it’s better than never.

First one, new tape from Esso, emcee I knew through Oh! and Nero‘s mixtapes. Fresh product including a song produced by Oh!
Click here to download.

Second stuff, no need to introduce him, already mentioned many times on our blog: J.Nolan with his new mixtape Chasing cool.
Click here to download.

Last one is the new and flying mixtape of brandUn DeShay with The Super 3, still mix between electro and hip hop.
Click here for downloading.

And just to complete my post please go on myspace page of FeSo and check his new dope tracks!

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