J.Nolan – « Chasing cool » video footage

J.Nolan is a brand new hip hop artist definitely appreciated by JuBox team, if you ain’t heard from him, it’s time for you to check some of our posts about him.
Here is a video footage he sent us focusing on his work regarding his new coming up project « Chasing cool ». Video was shot in Atlanta at Ben Styles, one of his producer, and Wax N Facts, a record store. Beat played in the video is pretty cool!
Chasing Cool comes out on May 5th for free download, JuBox will be there…
Shouts out to J.Nolan!

3 Commentaires

  • Bastien
    13 avril 2009 16 h 43 min

    complètement Hors sujet, mai ya que moi qui est remarqué que Hypetrak avait disparue?

  • Bouss-kun
    14 avril 2009 16 h 05 min

    Euh je crois que hypetrak est revenu dentre les morts …

    re-completement hors sujet: les mecs de lessonne ont un gros zizi pour poster comme ca dans la langue de Mister Bean …

  • JuBox
    14 avril 2009 16 h 08 min

    Je crois qu’Hypetrak a basculé vers Hypebeast ! Mais sans conviction.

    Well done B for your english post ! J.Nolan is in da place !

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